Los usos del Gerundio en inglés


Pon el gerundio:

1. Después de las preposiciones.

She left without kissing me./ We’re thinking of going to Italy.

2. Después de algunos verbos.

I enjoy eating out. Do you mind giving me your address?

3. Como el sujeto de una frase.

Smoking is bad for you. Skiing is expensive

Problemas / Notas

Los verbos más frecuentes que solemos encontrar con el gerundio son: like, love, hate, enjoy, miss, feel like, mind, finish, risk, practise, put off, stop, suggest, can’t help, fancy, admit, deny, give up, imagine, keep (on), put off (postpone), spend time, can’t stand, delay, regret, avoid, consider, involve, go on (continue)

Pon ‘to’ + Infinitivo:

1. Para dar una respuesta a la pregunta ‘Why’ (¿por que?)

Why did you stop working? – To spend more time with my children.

Problema / Nota:

for spend for to spend

2. Después de los adjetivos

It’s not easy to find a good man

Problema / Nota: Observa los ejemplos con el negativo ‘not to’: We hope not to be in the same flat next year./ She decided not to get married.

3. Después de algunos verbos

I forgot to phone the bank./ She needs to see you urgently

Problema / Nota:

Los verbos más frecuentes que solemos encontrar con ‘to’ + infinitivo son: would like, want, need, decide, hope, arrange, expect, plan, forget, seem, appear, wish, promise, offer, refuse, learn, manage, afford, agree, fail, tend, happen, mean, prepare, pretend, threaten, attempt.


1. Completa los espacios de las frases siguientes con la forma correcta del verbo (-ing o infinitivo con ‘to’). Sigue el ejemplo.

Ej.) Tonight I fancy going out to an expensive restaurant and then to a jazz club. (go out)

1. I don’t enjoy _______ computers. (use)

2. The bank manager absolutely refused _______ me any money. (lend)

3. Luis has decided _______ his Porsche and _______ a Ferrari. (sell / buy)

4. Don’t forget _______ me when you get to the hotel. (phone)

5. I love _______ in Spain now, but I really miss _______ fish and chips out of English newspaper. (live / eat)


1. using

2. to lend

3. to sell/to buy

4. to phone

5. living / eating

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